About Us

All Things Saucy is based an artistic studios in the SE London Borough of Royal Greenwich, in a lovely little kitchen/office unit affectionately known as the 'Sauce Shack'.  

ATS came about following a severe need for a change in direction and new employment; over the years I've been a PA, Massage Therapist (no 'happy ending' jokes please) and most recently an Alcohol Misuse Worker.  All fantastic for a time, I met some amazing people, made some fantastic friends and am now a walking alcohol unit calculator (both a blessing and curse).  

I first made a savoury jam for Christmas 2011 and after a positive response began experimenting with different recipes, the result was my Scotch Bonnet Sauce.  Since then I've many more products, all available for purchase in the online shop.

We are more than happy for orders to be collected for our HQ, please just give us a call or email on enquiries@allthingssaucy.co.uk


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