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Charlton NHS Alcohol Awareness worker becomes over-night sensation following ketchup award win

First published Wednesday 13 August 2014 inNewsShopper by Carly Read, reporter

A Charlton NHS alcohol awareness worker has won a Great Taste award for her home-made ketchup this week.

Entrepreneur Emma-Jane Slack, of Plumstead Common, established her company All Things Saucy following a successful savoury jam experiment in Christmas 2011.

Since then the 38-year-old has operated from The Sauce Shack on Woolwich Church Street while working a variety of odd jobs such as a massage therapist and a personal assistant.

Described as vibrant, savoury and tangy, her award-winner VegChup is a fat and gluten free sauce designed to reduce the average person’s sugar intake.

She said: “I'm totally made up. I love VegChup and see it as a fantastic alternative to the sugar-laden ketchup we've all become used to. Taste doesn't have to be sugar reliant if you are creative with ingredients and balance them with great spices.”

The ambitious foodie also aims to branch out to a bigger site with other recipes she has been working on.

“I'm definitely planning to expand the low/sugar free side of my range and I'm often asked about this & already have three recipes that are pretty much in the bag,” she said.

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